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In Anastasia's Kitchen I celebrate food and goodies from nature, because I believe that a little culinary passion and the right ingredients can make this world a happier place. Food is the greatest source of nutrients, minerals, enzymes, energy and endorphins - everything that helps our bodies thrive and restore naturally. However modern food industry and overpopulation have become a reason for major environmental and social challenges, such as food security, biodiversity loss, climate change, and many others. 


What we eat and where our food comes from has an enormous impact not only on our bodies but on the health of the entire planet. Sustainable choices can make a huge difference. As consumers we have the ultimate power to change the food industry and even one little steps every single day can help deliver incredible results, as none of us is alone - we are 8 billion people. By choosing only what I really need and rejecting what is not necessary, I constantly look for new delicious solutions and develop yummy recipe for a healthier body and planet.

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