My vision and mission...

My generation was born into an era of convenient and processed food, industrially farmed meat, bird, and fish, and gene-modified grains. We have luxury access to food that comes from all over the world and learnt to neglect seasons. Convenience gave us a superpower of extra choices, but it also came at a price of imbalance. The imbalance between people on different continents and levels of life; between biodiversity and human agriculture; needs and wants; thinking and being careless; life and death.

What we eat and where this food comes from has an enormous impact on both our health and the health of the entire planet. Today 800 mln. people worldwide are undernourished, while we waste 1/3 of annually produced food (1.4 bln. tons). Our oceans, the main source of life of the planet, are heavily polluted with plastic. Rising levels of water acidity (due to increased carbon dioxide release into the air) and overfishing have killed 72% of the global marine. We have exhausted 70% of global fertile land. Livestock industry kills more than 160 bln. animals per year and has caused the extinction of a thousand spices by destroying habitats. Like never before, our bodies are suffering from sugar overload, hormonal imbalance, antibiotic resistance and chronic diseases... (T.Juniper, 2016)

...but my generation was also born into an era of unity and knowledge. Globalisation and decrease of boarders made us more open-minded and intolerant to prejudice. We have created a 'sharing economy', where a wonder pig Esther has more followers than some of the world leaders; where food leftovers are 'too good to go'; where people prefer a shared house vs a luxury hotel and where the word of mouth has made 'veganism' the fastest spreading behavioural change of the 21st century. As consumers, we have the ultimate power to change the food industry, simply by making more sustainable choices.

Taking only what we need and respecting the food that landed on our plate. Enjoying and making the most of seasonal and local foods. Reducing the amount of frozen and packaged food. Rejecting heartlessly farmed animals. Stopping the war between vegans and meat lovers. Reusing grocery shopping bags and eating home-made fresh food. One little choice every single day can help deliver incredible results. None of us is alone - we are 8 billion passionate people who can bring back the balance onto our planet.


I am hopelessly in love with food, its colours, flavours and diversity. I constantly look for new delicious solutions and develop yummy recipes for a healthier body and planet. Follow my cooking adventure and learn more about how together we can make a real difference.

*I am not a doctor and do not have education in medicine or public health. Everything that I share is based on my personal research in this area, advice of my favorite doctor, and on what worked for me. Before doing any radical changes in your diet, you must consult with a professional dietitian or naturopath. 

More things...

Born in the USSR, I grew up in Russia, did my masters in the University of Edinburgh in Scotland and fell in love with sustainability at Cambridge University. 

I was brought up listening to the rock music with my father and studying English with my mother. Today I speak five languages, but I still cannot sing. 

I've learnt to love and appreciate nature since childhood. My grandpa would bring home the most delicious fish from the nearby lake and my grandma would decorate every corner of the house with wild flowers. 

Food had never fascinated me until one night in Edinburgh, when the true love of mine decided to rewrite the traditional recipe of the Russian buckwheat. Life instantly became brighter and tastier, never changing back. 

Le Cordon Bleu has become my biggest discovery while living in Paris. I regularly come here to dive into the atmosphere of pure gourmet indulgence and learn the trickiest secrets of cooking art. 

I wish I was an octopus. Then I would live in the ocean and eat crabs every day. 

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