Passionate Chocolate

Passionate Chocolate

Delicious and raw 70% dark organic chocolate from Ecuador with citrus and floral notes is blended with clockwork  from Ceylon. This combination is like a Monsoon rain in the middle of hot summer. It refreshes you and warms you up at the same time - you can never get enough of this chocolate.


Ingredients: Raw cacao mass*, cacao butter*, passion fruit juice powder*. The chocolate part contains: minimum 70% cacao solids. 

* Organic sources


This chocolate is sutable for vegan diet, is environmentally friendly, dairy free, soy free, palmo oil free, nut free and gluten free. It contains no refined sugars or any other sweeteners.

  • Storage

    This delicious chocolate is 100% handmade and has no preservatives or additives, therefore it does not last as long as regular chocolate. I do not store my chocolates and make them within 24 hours before sending so that you get them as fresh as possible. At room temperature, my chocolate remains at peak quality during the first 2-3 weeks. You can also extend its longevity to 3 months by storing my chocolate in the fridge.  When frozen, my chocolate lasts 6 months