My Juicy Vegan Stew

Waking up these days was especially joyful, because I was finally greeted by the natural light, breaking through my curtains. Light is always the first sign of the coming Spring. The next will be the smell of freshness and the new life. Finally these two will cheer up the birds, which means - I will stop sleeping at all in the mornings.

While I was walking along the streets of Paris, dreaming about the beautiful spring days, my attention was suddenly caught by a little pot with parsley, standing next to the "fleuriste" shop. So lusciously green, randomly curly and proudly beautiful... All of my spring dreams were right there, in front of me. I immediately knew that this parsley was waiting for me, hoping that I would pick it up and bring it home, because it was dying to spread its happiness all over me.

Stew Recipe

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Serves: 2 people


100g (3,5oz) buckwheat

50g (1,7oz) lentils

50g (1,7oz) quinoa

250g (9oz) canned tomatoes or three fresh tomatoes

1 glarlic clove

1 small onion

2 tbsp of olive oil

Spices: red paprika, black pepper, piri-piri, a bit of salt

Lots of parsley

Secret ingredient: 2 tbsp of dry Fino / Sherry

Let's make the delicious stew:

1. Preheat the pot, add olive oil and start frying onions and garlic until soft and transparent.

2. Gently rinse all the grains and put them in the pot. Add one cup of water, just to cover your grains. Start boiling.

3. In parallel mix tomatoes, all spices and nicely chopped parsley (leave a bit of parsley to serve fresh on the plate). Tomatoes should maintain some texture, so I cut them, rather than blend them.

4. Quickly add tomatoes and parsley to the pot. Let the mixture cook until all grains and lentils are ready. Make sure that you always have enough liquid in your pot. Even when ready your stew should be well covered in sauce.

5. When everything is ready, add two spoons of dry Fino, gently mix the stew and let the alcohol burn out (appx. 3 minutes). Dry Fino gives an intense burst of flavour and life to any dish and especially grains. If you do not have it, you can substitute it by lemon or dry tomatoes in oil.

The food is ready and can be served straight away. If you want to keep it, the tomatoes sauce will not let the stew dry out, that is why it is important you have as much of it, as possible.

My stew was so delicious, I could not stop eating! Warm, mouthful, and healthy. Its gentle, but spicy texture literally lit me up on this cold winter day, while an absolutely shameless smell of parsley brought spring and happiness into my house.

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