Humble and Delicious "Serradura"

"Serradura" (or "sawdust" pudding) is one of the easiest, most unpretentious, yet yummiest desserts, which comes from Alentejo region of Portugal. Rich and fertile soil of the vast open countryside has been mainly used for growing vines, citrus fruit and olives. The work on the farms starts with the rise of the sun, that is why by 1 pm all local food places are completely filled up with hungry hardworking men, whose families have been living and working in the region for centuries.

Most of the Portuguese would not leave a table without a dessert, however, for many of them, it is just a "sugary petrol", which will keep them going until the sun goes down. That is why probably none of them could ever imagine, that their most humble dessert, which they sloppily mix in a traditional clay bowl and quickly throw into their stomachs as one big mash.., would become extremely popular and gourmet in many countries of the world, and especially in the Asian region.

Passion Fruit Serradura. The Recipe

Cooking time: 8 minutes

Serves: 3 people


250 ml (7 oz) double cream

150-200 ml (5-7 oz) condensed milk

10-12 cookies "Maria" or any other simple cookies

50 ml (2 oz) fresh passion fruit juice or purée

Preparing the dessert:

1. Whip the cream until it becomes thick. In order not to get butter instead of cream, stop right after it becomes thick. Do not over-whip it.

2. Add as much of condensed milk, as you feel like and whip for another 20 seconds.

3. Crush the cookies and create the layers of crushed cookies and creamy substance.

4. Pour fresh passion fruit purée on top.

Easy-peasy! You're done!

One thing you should avoid doing, is preparing this dessert in advance. The cookies quite quickly absorb the cream and become uninteresting. They should always be freshly crushed and delight with their crispy texture.

For yesterday lunch with friends, I also added more some fresh passion-fruit purée, which helped cut off the sugar and transported us to a tropical paradise.

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