The Ultimate Spinach Pie

Sheep cheese, spinach, pine nuts, and sun-dried tomatoes - the best combination to boost your energy, health and happiness. Did you know that sheep milk has twice the amount of calcium, protein, and magnesium than the cow milk? It also contains vitamin C - 1/4 of an orange! Spinach has almost no calories, but is super nutritious and can be found in stores all year round. Pine nuts contain essential omega-6 fatty acid and are an amazing source of vitamin E. As per sun-dried tomatoes, they are just so delicious that I add them to most of my dishes. They still preserve all the goodness of nature in their skin and seeds, while the drops of rich olive oil, which will fall into your cheesy mixture together with tomatoes, will make the substance silkier and smoother.

How many times have I baked this amazing pie? I cannot say, but it is never too much. Always light, mushy, soft, and filling. In summer or in winter; for Halloween or a Christmas dinner; for the friend's party or just for myself - it is the yummiest and most humble addition to any table. Here is a super mega easy, only five-step recipe of the best spinach pie, you will ever try...

Pie Recipe

Cooking time: 40 minutes

Serves: 4 people


280g (10oz)or 1 roll of puff-pastry

400g (14oz) feta cheese

200g (7oz) ricotta or cream cheese

150g (5oz) fresh or frozen spinach

6-7 sun-dried tomatoes in olive oil

40g (1.5oz) pine nuts

Making the pie:

1. Use a hand blender to mix feta and spinach into smooth substance. If you bought frozen spinach, just put it into a sieve and hold under hot water for a few minutes. Do not forget to wring out all water after that.

2. Then add cream cheese. Mix it in with a spoon. Chop dried tomatoes and add pine nuts. You can add some black pepper as well if you want. Just do not add any salt, because feta is already pretty salty.

3. Divide your pastry into two parts. Roll-out one part and place it over a 20cm baking form. Do not forget to sprinkle the form with olive oil before that. Pour you mixture into the form.

4. Then roll out the second part of the dough. Puff pastry is airy and likes to breathe when being baked. So you need to make some holes in it. What a wonderful excuse to get creative and make your top layer beautiful!

5. Seal the pie and brush it with a mixture of olive oil and raw whipped egg. (Do not have an egg? Olive oil on its own will do as well!) Put the pie in the preheated oven 170C/338F/fan for 20-25 minutes.

The pie is ready when the crust becomes golden-brow. Let the cheese settle for 10-15 minutes. Serve it warm or cold. Both are delicious!

Last Haloween my Polish, Greek and Spanish girlfriends came to my house for a Friday dinner. Our table was bursting with all kinds of food, but the spinach pie was divided among these hungry ladies long before it was even cut. Everyone wanted to keep it aside, take it home, and eat afterwards. It was like a dessert, like the culmination, like the most delicious plate on the table, so no one wanted to mix this precious pie with the other food.​

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