Blackberry Dreams

Summer has finally arrived in Paris and I could not resist celebrating it! These beautiful popsicles with delicious and healthy blackberries straight from the summer forest will bring you just the inspiration you need after a long cold winter. This very humble berry, which usually grows as a weed on the sides of almost every path in Russian forests, takes me back to my childhood memories. I used to ask my grandmother to help me pick some, while the excitement from eating a sweet and juicy berry right there in the middle of the flourishing nature (as if I was a robin or a racoon) emotionally was beyond going wild. But as we grow up, the healthy value and the yummy taste of this small goodie from nature often become forgotten or underestimated.

Today with this simple popsicle recipe, I am sending you a friendly reminder, that sometimes with just a little twist even the most modest berry can turn into the real beauty and the key happening on your summer table.

Creamy Blackberry Popsicles. The Recipe

Cooking time: 3-5 minutes; 6-8 hours for freezing

Serves: as many as you like :)


coconut cream or yoghurt


Making popsicles:

Popsicles are the easiest, the healthiest and the most refreshing treat, that you can have in just minutes! Mash 100g (3,5oz) of blackberries into a purée and mix with 3-4 tbsp of coconut yoghurt. A drop of vanilla or honey can add a touch of sweetness.. but I find there’s no need if the berries are summer-ready! You can also cut a few berries in halves and add solid pieces to your mix. Put everything into your container and freeze.

All it takes is just one goodie from nature and a few minutes to get the most refreshing and delicious treat. Let's celebrate all the beauty of the coming summer together!

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